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....Sister Kaite

Bluesy, Danceable, Yet Lilting, Jazz Music...

Mild Intelligent Humor Show With An Irish Flare


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The Sister's Blog:

Welcome....Glad To See You Made It

Perhaps... You

Would Like To

Listen To Some....

Van Morrison

and Bonnie Raitt

By "The Sister"

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Upcoming Shows!!.....Latest Reviews....

.....And Don't Forget To Come To The Show.

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What The Media Says About Sister Kaite


"This Golden-Voiced Singer Not Only Sings Music From A Range Of Performers....

She Writes Music Too.....Her Playlist Is Huge,

So You Can Expect Her To Play A Wide Range Of Music,

Which She Skillfully Taylors To Each Audience....


Her Music Has Also Brought Her To

Florida's East And West Coasts, As Well As New England, And The Midwest....


She Is A Sailor,

So She Can Relate To Her Key's Audiences,

And Play The Music They Want To Hear."


Dick Conklin, 'EnterTainment',

March 27, 2005

Marathon Weekly, Florida Keys





"Sister Kaite Belts Out The Blues, Jazz,

And From The Depths Of Her Soul,

Sings The Stories That Touch Our Heart....

She Livens up The Pace

Singing Witty Tall Tales From Ireland."


Jeane Brennan 'Island Living'

"The Goodland Beat"

December 21-27, 2006

Marco Island Sun Times





"....A Woman Whose Musical Journey

Has Taken Her All Over The Country And

Up And Down The Coasts Of Florida....

She's Got A....Solid Tone And Smooth Lilt....

And Her Ability To Work Off Her Crowd And

Bring Her Sunny Personality Into Her Shows...

Means You May Also Get

A Handful Of Irish Drinking Songs--

Quirky Little Tunes

Like "Rickety Tickety Tin"....(No Demure Nun This.)"


Tiffany Yates, 'Island Hopper'

02,08,2007 Read

Marco Island Eagle



"Kaite Is A Sailor, Scientist, Songwriter, And Golden-Voiced Singer,

Who Loves Being Creative On The Piano....

She Can Play Blues, Jazz, Folk, Island Music & Shanties....

She Captivates, Charms, Amuses, And Entertains....

Reservations Suggested." 2006

Pine Island, Florida



"Sister Kaite Live....Best Drinking Songs Around"


Guy Harvey's March 2006

Marco Island Eagle



"On A Recent Outing To Erin's Isle, I Didn't Expect

to See A Singing Nun

But She Certainly Does Have A Heavenly Voice....

Sister Kaite's Vibrato Is Very Good, And She Can Sing Several Octaves....

Her Diversity Is Great In

That She Goes From One Era To Another, Pleasing All Ages....

The Woman Is A Phenomena....


Her Personality Is Very Upbeat, And Life Is Good Considering....

Tragedy Struck Several Years Ago....

Kaite Developed....A Very Rare Disease....

(which she fought and was triumphant)....

I Might Add That Kaite Looks Terrific And....

.........Continues To Persevere."


Phyllis Bator, Nightlights:

"You'll Find Sister Kaite's A Hard Habit To Break"

Sunday January 13, 2008 ETC Marco Eagle





She has had many people say to her....:

”you know I was in a bad mood when I

came in here.......and now...


I am happy again...

Thank you...Sister Kaite.”



Sister”, as some call her.... has songs

about animals, science, drinking, politics

and other intelligent subjects that

should... or should not be discussed...


CAN be sung about, you know. 



If you need something different, or

something to humor you in your life right now,

or just want to hear real good music

… come to Sister Kaite's show and....

….listen to a new kind of fun!!!

....And....if You Listen...

...You Will Enjoy The Show.


Sister Kaite..........A Musical Humorist





Upcoming Shows!!.....Latest Reviews....


When The First Newly Formed ETC Magazine Came Out

Weekly By The Eagle. Phyllis Bator Wrote A

Lovely Article On The Sister.....Read More




FROM the “Historically Musical”

Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia

where Sister Kaite was reared.....

comes the

rare talent she brings to the stage.


For her entertaining experience of 30+ years,

and her musical prowess,

all upstaged by her “golden voice” singing,

her love of performing for you... shines through.  


Sister Kaite Delaney

has familiarized audiences with her

abilities inside and outside of

the United States and brings you

music of all the years and styles, from the 20’s

to the present.


Sister sings... to maybe make you smile...for they say....


“You cannot be sad....when you are singing or dancing”. 


If you enjoy sitting at a piano bar or

dining while you listen

or even just having a drink and listening to her songs,

Sister Kaite can entertain you with her music,

and humor you

with her lyrics. 









CD's Coming Soon...

sister kaite promo pic for CD





When The Sister Was Just A Little Girl She

Was So Impressed With

"Alice In Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll,

That She Memorized The Passage

By The Red Duchess: As Follows:



"Be What You Would Seem To Be, Or....

...Never Imagine Yourself Not To Be Otherwise...

Than What It Might Appear To Others....

That What You Were....


Or Might Have Been....

Was Not Otherwise....


Than What You Had Been....

Would It Have Appeared To Them, To Be Otherwise."



by "Lewis Carroll

A Mathmetician, Logician


As You Can See,

Why Someone Who Loves Mathematics and Logic So,

How His Logic Would Impress Her This Much...




If You Would Like To Reserve Sister Kaite

For A Particular Date

Please Contact Her At The Telephone Number

Or eMail Listed Below.

In Most Cases The Date You Want Can Be Arranged.




All Sister Kaite's Appearance Dates Are

Subject To Change Without Notice.




Blue Music Management Company: copyright 2007

(239) 776-6483



There Can Be Only One........



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